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Franchise Animated!

Posted on July 22 2013

The folks over at animography came up with a really cool idea to round up some of the best animators from around the world and create an animated typeface that is chaotic yet somehow harmonious at the same time. Each glyph (around 150 of them) is a separate animation, and even the simplest characters (colons, periods) are generated in intriguing ways.

I’ll not mangle the coolness of the project any further by elaborating. Go check out the project for yourself at animography, and see the development of the glyphs and some of the people behind it on dribbble.

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New Entries

Posted on March 8 2012


I’ve been saying said forever that I’m gonna add some new work examples, with the thought that I’d do it when I completed my imminent re-design. Well, it’s taken longer than I’d like to get to that project, but providing some new samples is overdue. So here are some websites from the last couple years; mind you, many are intranet sites or internal systems, meaning I’m only showing portions of the work with filler copy and links. About half of these were designed by Van Huynh of El Creative, and the rest by myself; all were developed by me. More new work is soon to come in its proper place on the site.

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Franchise is Everywhere

Posted on July 17 2011


I have been very surprised to see Franchise used all over the place; iPhone apps, beautiful websites, a magazine masthead, major motion pictures, tons of TV commercials (the NFL no less), and even a Finnish board game.

The primary interactivity compliment to the widely used Typekit is using it for their plugin website as well. All this has been strong motivation to not only get the other weights done, but to get to the other vintage typefaces I’m been itching to start (and finish in one case). I just hope there is still the same level of interest upon release of the rest of the family.

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