To enter you MUST include the following:

1. You must send a completed entry form with your signature and the date of signing. You may download and copy the entry form from our website.

2. Your original song on a CD or tape. An MP3 file may be entered online. Please write your full name and contact info on face of CD or tape. If you are entering more than one song you may enter them on one CD or one tape. If so, please label songs in the order they are recorded. CD’s and tapes must be sent in a regular sized case for filling purposes. Label the CD or tape case.

3. Two copies of a clearly printed or typed lyric sheet for each entry (in English) must be submitted. Sheet music is not required, just lyrics.

4. The entry fee must be paid. The entry fee is 30.00 US dollars for the first entry, and 20.00 US dollars per additional entry. No limit on how many entries. Money orders must be made out to Show Me the Music Contest. We only accept payment in the form of: Money orders, credit card, and US cash. NO PERSONAL CHECKS!

5. You must specify the category of your entry.

6. All fields of entry form must be completed. Your mailing address and e-mail address is how we notify the winners.

7. If paying through pay pal, a printed receipt of the PayPal payment must be Included.

Mail Entries to:

To be announced

Entries will not be returned. Show me the Music is not liable for damaged, lost, late, incomplete, or non- received entries.

All entries must be post marked on or before September 30, 2010.





* Only $20 For Each Additional Song