Wouldn’t it be extraordinary to work with the same Nashville session studio musicians that are on today’s #1 albums? Record the winning song in one of the nation’s hottest recording studios. Would you like to get some exposure playing your song in downtown Nashville? What about working with a world-renowned producer?

This year we’ve lined up some truly amazing sponsors. The winning song will be recorded at Castle Recording Studios ( www.castlerecordingstudios.com ). This studio has a rich history! In the early 1900’s this castle was used as one of Al Capone’s hideouts as he was bootlegging liquor across the country. Now it is known as one of the world’s most famous studios. In 2009 Brad Paisley (CMA Vocalist of the year), and Darius Rucker (CMA New Artist of the Year), both recorded their albums at the Castle. Other artists..Miley Cyrus, Snoop Dogg, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Ziggy Marley, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Meatloaf, and many others have used this studio to record their hits.

Show Me the Music, LLC has just partnered up with world renowned producer Rob Feaster. Rob has worked on projects for Blink 182, Billy Joel, No Doubt, to name a few. Rob Feaster will be producing this year’s winning song and you can be sure that he will bring a rich history of experience to the project! (www.robfeaster.com)

Our Grand Prize Winner will be ready to make an online presence with free subscriptions to www.broadjam.com, www.bandzoogle.com, and www.musiconlinealive.com. Music Online Alive will help the winner develop their own personal Virtual Album to begin selling the fully produced and mastered copy of the song.

What will the winner do in Nashville, TN?

When you arrive in Nashville, you’ll need a little time to take in the scenery. With two night’s accommodations at the Hilton Hotel, right on Broadway, you’ll have plenty of time outside of the studio work to take in some of Music City’s sights and sounds. Take a stroll down Broadway and listen to local artists, enjoy local restaurants, or take a tour through the Country Music Hall of Fame. Take advantage of being in Nashville and set up some meetings on music row with top industry executives. Also make time to play a few original songs for a showcase in Nashville!

The Winner will arrive at the studio in the morning, meet with the musicians, and start working on turning the winning song into a radio-ready hit! Then it’s time to record. The Winner will be completely involved in all aspects of the studio production! This is an opportunity to work with the best talent and not have some Label telling you how to cut your song. You will do it your way when you win! This is the perfect opportunity to watch, listen, and learn from the very ones who take the lead in making today’s #1 songs.




* Only $20 For Each Additional Song