TypeBridge Script

TypeBridge closes the gap between those who are comfortable creating in Illustrator and the restrictions of typographic software.

What if you want to apply an effect or rounded corners to your characters? What if you’ve already drawn your characters and the task of going and redrawing everything would repel you from completing your typeface (which had become the case for me)? What if you have a grungy effect that you want to apply to all your characters?

Once you’ve drawn your characters in Illustrator, you simply select your characters, run the script, and all of your anchors are automatically (and carefully) nudged to the closest whole integer. Then x and y coordinates are rounded either up or down, whichever is closest, and therefore causes the least change to the integrity of your characters. If you’re using a standard setup of 1000 UPM, then the changes to your characters are extremely minimal. You won’t even notice them unless you zoom in extremely close. If you’re using a larger UPM for more control and precision in your font, then the nudging will be even less noticable, if noticable at all. What you will notice is that when you take your characters into FontLab or TypeTool, they look the way they’re supposed to.

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