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January 17, 2012

Caroline Pommert, Genius Assistant, We Need To Talk About Kevin: “A disturbing movie which interrogates our common ideas of Motherhood.”

Michelle Lerner, Producer, Midnight In Paris– “I loved Owen Wilson’s sweet and sad take on the stock ‘Woody’ character. It was unexpectedly poignant, and added needed emotional weight to a rather whimsical piece of fluff. Also, Corey Stoll was GREAT at Hemingway. Get that boy an Oscar nomination! I have heard that Woody doesn’t give actors much direction- so I would really love to know why Rachel McAdams chose to make “Inez” such a harpy. Even more disturbing is Allen’s insistence on repeating the same hateful one note character over and over, like a hamster on a wheel. We get it- you hate upper middle class entitled women. And pedantic assholes. Someone give me a sock filled with horse manure!”

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