Capital Campaign

Teach Local, Reach Global: The ISB Expansion Campaign


Picture … the children at ISB speaking in French or Spanish and playing with building blocks when they are little.

Imagine … that as they grow they build on this knowledge piece by piece, reading and writing in French or Spanish while developing a greater awareness of the larger world around them.

Dream … of continuing to meet the needs of our children as they move through the grades, of bringing even more children into a thriving educational community, and of expanding ISB’s physical space so that it will flourish as a truly international school.

We hope that you too will be inspired by our work and join our efforts to see our school continue to thrive and prosper.

The Expansion Campaign

ISB is conducting a campaign to provide the capital for our immediate and intermediate term growth. In turn, ISB will be able to continue to expand, to impact our current and future students, to enrich our community, and to send responsible, well-educated, and well-rounded young people out into the world.

ISB opened in the fall of 2005 with 16 preschool students in two classrooms. Today, we have 160+ children enrolled in our school in Nursery to 4th Grade and more than 300 students participating in our Enrichment Programs throughout Brooklyn. ISB plans to grow each year, along with its students, ultimately reaching the 12th grade.

What’s Next for ISB

A larger space will allow ISB to offer a complete preschool and elementary curriculum through 5th Grade—a milestone in second language acquisition, as this is the point in the learning process when a student is considered bilingual/fluent. We are also building momentum for expanding into middle school. Our expansion will provide additional resources for our Enrichment Programs to reach a wider age range and to develop new community outreach programs.

Why We Do What We Do

ISB provides a powerful education, one that values critical thinking and the joyful process of learning above test scores. We provide our children with the tools for understanding the intricacies and nuances of living in their own communities, their own global villages. Through the curriculum, students are encouraged to understand the importance of taking a responsible and purposeful place in their world. This experience provides a framework through which they can build an understanding of other cultures, and how other cultures deal with both opportunities and challenges.

ISB students engage in the community in many ways, including interviewing local business owners, participating in local park clean-up days, learning about the voting process, exploring architecture and investigating the community’s local flora and fauna. ISB students are encouraged to be global neighbors by becoming pen pals with children in “partner” schools in other countries and by donating school supplies and pocket money to primary schools in the developing world. Community awareness and civic engagement are understood worldwide and will truly prepare our students for the world that awaits them.

Our kids will grow up with a deep appreciation for diversity, an excellent ability to interact and communicate, a profound understanding of the interconnectedness of the disciplines, and a life-long approach to learning through inquiry. In order to do achieve these aims, we need to take the vital next step in building our children’s future with The ISB Expansion Campaign.

The Plan to Get There

In September 2009, our Site Committee identified a suitable location in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, and our Campaign Committee developed a plan to secure financial support for the renovations that the new facility will require, including securing a low-interest loan and launching a capital campaign that will enable us to continue to grow and provide this innovative educational model.

With the opening of this new facility, ISB’s school day program will grow to serve 160 students in Fall 2010 and meet an eventual capacity of 250 students. Enrichment and Community Programs will grow to serve 500+ families and we will continue to create additional jobs within our community, employing more than 60 people by 2012.

Phase 1: The Seed Fund

January 2009–October 2009 • $150,000

As ISB prepares for the expansion into the new Carroll Gardens facility, we will obtain funding for the initial costs such as a down payment, legal fees, and architectural plans. During Phase 1 we will talk with our closest friends and supporters about the work ahead of us and secure their support for this exciting, unique project.

Phase 2: The Campaign

November 2009–December 2010 • $350,000

We will conduct our campaign over the next 13 months to complete funding of the renovations that will enable us to move children and staff into our new site by Fall 2010. We invite all our supporters to join us in reaching our goal. Naming opportunities will be offered for specific spaces in the new building.

What You Can Do

Will you be a part of this campaign as ISB takes its place in the primary school community of Brooklyn? Will you support ISB’s growth and development as a vital community resource? We ask you to join us and become a supporter of this very important and critical step in our growth as a Brooklyn institution, incredibly unique and credibly linked to our community. We invite you to be a part of Teach Local, Reach Global: The International School of Brooklyn Expansion Campaign.