Frequently Asked Questions

Information Sessions

How do I make a reservation for an Information Session?

In order to attend an Information Session we do ask that families RSVP by calling the Admissions Office at 718-369-3023 or email Isaiah, ibenedek@isbrooklyn.org.

What do I do if I cannot attend an Information Session that I have already RSVP’d for?

Because of limited space we do ask that families call the Admissions Office to cancel and/or reschedule.

Can I bring my children with me to the Information Session?

Information Sessions are held for adults only.

How long do Information Sessions last?

Information Sessions last approximately one hour and a half.

What takes place at an Information Session?

The Director of Admissions or Head of School will give a detailed overview of the school history and growth plans for the next few years, information on ISB’s curriculum, enrollment, and the admissions process. The presentation is followed by a Q&A session.

What ISB personnel are present at an Information Session?

ISB Information Sessions are lead by the Director of Admissions or Head of School. Current parents and staff may also be present.

Will I get to see the school during an Information Session?

No, families will be given an in-depth tour of the school as part of the interview process.

Admission to ISB

Do the Spanish and French programs have the same enrollment?

Yes, ISB enrolls the same number of children in both programs. Our goal is to keep a well-balanced school where both programs play an equal role in the school.

What is ISB’s birthday cut-off?

Children applying to ISB must be of grade age by December 31st of the year they will begin school. In other words, children applying for Nursery are born in 2008, Pre-Kindergarten applicants are born in 2007, Kindergarten applicants are born in 2006, and so forth.

Do you have to attend an Information Session at ISB in order to apply?

It is highly recommend that parents attend an Information Session before applying to ISB, as it is there where parents will get the most in-depth information about ISB. However, attending an Information Session is not mandatory.

Does ISB use a waitlist for students whom it cannot accommodate?

Yes. In the spring, when decisions are made by the admissions team, students who cannot be offered a spot may be placed on a waitlist. As parent reply dates pass, ISB will contact families on the waitlist based on spaces that become available. ISB strives to maintain classroom environments that reflect a balance in gender, age and diversity.

How does ISB handle children with late birthdates?

ISB asks that families apply for their children to the appropriate grade based on their birthdates. Through the admissions process, ISB along with families, will decide the appropriate placement for the child.

Does my child need to be potty trained to attend ISB?

Yes. Children who attend ISB must be potty trained before the start of school.

Is it difficult to get a spot at ISB?

ISB has a competitive admissions process. We receive a great number of applications and have limited spaces in each grade.

If my child is admitted to Nursery, does that mean she is automatically admitted to the elementary school?

Yes. Re-enrollment is the same for all of the grades (re-enrollment takes place in February each year).

Attending ISB

Does my child need to speak Spanish or French fluently to apply to ISB?

ISB admits children with all levels of French and Spanish to its program. However, the expected level of fluency in the target language differs for applicants to the older grades. If you are applying for Nursery, Pre Kindergarten and Kindergarten, your child does not need to have prior language exposure or fluency. ISB expects that in a full immersion program, along with family commitment and support, children in the younger years will acquire the language through their school experience.

For children applying to 1st-5th Grades, ISB does require that children will have acquired a certain level of mastery of the target language. While continuing to place emphasis on learning the language in the older grades, the program is naturally more academic and therefore students need a strong language foundation. Children applying for these older grades will undergo an informal language assessment as part of their application process.

How does ISB handle children who enter ISB with no prior language exposure?

ISB is a full immersion program where teachers consistently use only the target language in the classroom. While students with no prior language exposure will speak to their peers and teachers in English, their teachers make a concerted effort to repeat back to them their question or response in the target language and then proceed to pose or answer their question in the target language. Our experience has shown us that after a few months in a full immersion setting most children will begin to address their teachers in the target language.

What language do the children speak amongst themselves?

In the classroom, some children speak the target language amongst themselves and others English. Children are not forced to speak in the target language however teachers maintain consistency in their use of the target language and do encourage their students to do the same. ISB believes that longevity in an immersion program will make this language transition happen naturally.

How will my child learn to read and write in English if my child attends ISB?

Children at ISB begin to have English classes in Kindergarten, at which point they will have three hours of English a week with an English teacher. This time is primarily used for literacy work. In 1st-3rd Grades, they will spend six hours a week with their English teacher. In 4th and 5th Grades, the program shifts to a 50-50 model. Children at ISB learn to read and write in English simultaneously with learning to read and write in their target language.