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FRANCHISE is a powerful new display typeface meant to communicate your message quickly and with power. The characters were meticulously drawn to achieve a unifomity without compromising style. Franchise is just as much at home on the front of a donut shoppe as it is on the scoreboard at a football stadium. The face was created & kerned by someone who deals with type every day, so with Franchise, you wont be spending all day fixing the space between As and Ys. Happy Typesetting!

Font Rule

Franchise FontFranchise-Font

Franchise Font CapitalsFranchise-Capitals


Franchise Font Small CapsFranchise-Small-Caps


Franchise Font NumbersFranchise-Numbers


Franchise Font GlyphsFranchise-Glyphs

In the WorksFranchise-Glyphs


Franchise Font PreviewFont-Preview


I'd like to see what people do with the typeface, so here I will be collecting images of the Franchise typeface in action. If you've used the typeface on anything, please send me an image or two or direct me to where i can find it.


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I'm offering the Franchise Bold typface as a free download. If you like the typeface and your pockets are just too heavy, you might consider giving a small donation (or a large one!), as typeface design turns out to be quite a time-consuming endeavor.

Download Font Download the font here. Sign up for updates here.

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Folks have been asking about the licensing of the font, so I thought I'd clarify the license here. Basically, the font is free to use on anything...commercial or personal. You may embed the font in software and/or link to it via @font-face. As long as you don't alter it a little and then try and sell it, I'm good. If you want to see the official license, click here.


To send love letters, hate mail, receive updates on the new weights of Franchise, or any other form of electronic discourse, click here.