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About Me

The run down

I am a husband, father, graphic designer and instructor, in that order on good days. I work hard to be the best version of each, but I’ll assume you’re more interested in what I can do as a designer. (Though I’m definitely down to talk about Dad Life if that’s your thing.)

Borned and raised in Amarillo friggin’ Texas, I moved to the metroplex for college, where I attended TCU, met some great people, and learned how to be a designer, but ultimately I came back home. I came home because I love my family, I love Saturday morning pick up games, and because I want to be part of the change I wish to see in my home town (more on that below).

Where you’ve seen my work

My design work, both personal and commissioned, has been featured in numerous design publications, used in work across the globe, appears on network television daily, and has been featured in major motion pictures (in additon to dozens of documentaries on Netflix). You most likely have a product with my type design in your cupboard right now, or see a billboard using my work each day.

I’ve had the chance to work with a wide variety of well-known and respected organizations, such as Wingstop, the City of Dallas, AAA, Office Depot, and Toyota, through my awesome former El Creative team members and others. I’ve also managed to be recognized and published in the design community by the DSVC Annual Student Show, the Houston Art Director’s Club, Logolounge, and numerous online features.

I have worked in a variety of positions from Customer Service to Package Handling and now as a designer/developer/instructor, and have excelled at each, becoming a highly valued member with opportunities for advancement. I pride myself on being efficient and genuine, with a competitiveness and willingness to learn that makes me a uniquely valuable member of any team. I will not be outworked at any job.

A little deeper

I am about as “from Amarillo” as one could be: I was born here, attended six different schools around the city, found a solid and diverse group of friends (bullshit blockers, one might say), lived on both sides of the tracks, and developed a vocabulary that my wife (from Kansas) had trouble deciphering at first. I’ve seen the ugly: fights, racist protests, tunnel-vision politicking and proselytizing. I’ve seen the beautiful: a community of real, candid people if you open yourself up, and the fact that, if your car breaks down, you’re gonna have 10 strangers helping you before you can reach your cell phone.

I’m hopeful that my experiences – being raised here, going to college, and then experiencing the cultural shock of “is this how it’s always been?” upon coming home – have afforded some perspective that can influence some positive change.

As of this writing, there are two things that are of primary concern to me locally:

  • Design (its quality, its perceived value, how it’s conducted, the level of respect for design employees) is bad. Not all bad; I’ve met some talented, well-trained people. But as a whole, it is not good and I want to play a key role in changing that.
  • The prominent worldviews many of our residents hold, which manifest themselves politically and in how we view world events, are pretty toxic. This is my opinion, of course, but it’s one I feel strongly enough to act on.

*Don’t tell me I hate my city or my country or my people. If you care about something, you should wanna make it better.

Derek Weathersbee

Here's a picture of me and my beautiful daughter. Now you're thinking, "He must be a good fellow," right?

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